Wanda is an internationally acclaimed and award winning professional.

Wanda is an experienced business analyst, award winning planner, innovative pioneer and a leading global expert in strategic analysis and development supporting innovative tourism strategies and economic development. Her strategies have resulted in increased return on investment, more sustainable organizations/initiatives and higher quality tourism products for her clients. She has successfully led projects in North America, South America, Middle-East (Dubai) and most recently other parts of Asia. SEII is rapidly capturing the attention of many other regions globally.

She has three professional international designations and has been appointed to several international advisory counsels during her career. She is an active member of several international associations that represent tourism and event sector professionals globally.

With over 28 years of experience, Wanda has assisted clients in both the private & public sectors achieve success. Her networks are worldwide and her focus is on world class results. She has been described by her clients as a “visionary” with the capabilities and drive to manifest results.

As an experienced CEO and leader, she’s led major business analysis, undertaken numerous strategic plans, developed event and tourism strategy, policy, developed sustainability plans, led change management initiatives, developed engagement strategies; designed and executed successful project initiatives; led and inspired staff of 25 plus; managed finance and operations for million dollar projects; developed event and tourism marketing strategies; led national and international projects and much more.

Prior to SEII, Wanda worked as a consultant to non profit organizations as well as for profit corporations. Prior to consulting, Wanda held a senior executive position with a non profit organization for 14 years.


Our Teams are comprised of global experts within the tourism and event sectors. Each team member brings a wealth of experience and expertise.   Our teams are designed based on the needs of the client.