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These are unprecedented times as our world faces the challenges of Covid-19.

Since March 2020, our clients which include global tourism and event initiatives, museums, parks, attractions, festivals, municipalities and nations have paused, pivoted and continue to respond to the changing public health issues.

At the core of all we do is the safety of our audiences and in the midst of all that is occurring, goodwill, collaboration and innovation have supported next steps.   Strategic Event Initiatives Inc. recognizes the challenges and has the resources to support organizations, municipalities and nations as they navigate through change.   The economic impact has been immense and the sustainability of many incredible festivals, museums, attractions and arts organizations is in jeopardy.

Strategic Event Initiatives Inc. is here to support and provide senior counsel to those organizations and municipalities that require the following recovery support:

1) Event Design – From Face-to-Face to Virtual Engagement

2) Sustainability – Operating in a Pandemic

3) Recovery Planning

We understand that resources are limited so Strategic Event Initiatives Inc. has set up a complimentary senior counsel program for those organizations most at jeopardy.    During a time of crisis, we all are in this together and we have witnessed many acts of kindness and care around the world.  Strategic Event Initiatives Inc. wants to give back and support those in need.

We will provide the following services at no charge as part of this service:

1) Participate in advisory meetings with the CEO and Board of Directors to provide additional expertise and insight.

2) Provide direct advisory support to the CEO/Executive/Municipal Administrators/Directors on questions related to recovery planning or operational challenges.

It is my hope that if we can support you, that you apply for these services.

We are currently accepting applications
Please complete the following form:
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