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SEII is recognized internationally as a global leader in strategic development of the event sector. We have the expertise in event auditing/analysis, event strategy, policy and design.

SEII has earned an international reputation for excellence by assisting organizations and agencies within the government, private and public sector achieve success. SEII`s team of experts are highly experienced and committed to the development of festivals and events worldwide. 

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Addison, Texas, USA invests considerable resources annually to support the planning, promotion and infrastructure required to host events and attract visitors. SEII supported the development of a municipal event strategy aimed to ensure that funds and resources invested by Addison within its visitor economy build on its success and address the challenges of unprecedented growth and competition within other regions within Texas. These are exciting and challenging times for Addison and taking a strategic approach to event sector development will support and guide growth and development that directly impacts Addison’s economy, brand and quality of life.



Work in Dubai included the successful development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, organizational development, establishment of key strategic goals and objectives for the agency divisions (including the development of two new divisions within the agency Dubai Calendar, Strategic Alliances), establishment of key performance indicators for the divisions and staff, leading an international recruitment campaign, establishment of professional development plans and key strategic recommendations for event sector development.

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APC’s human and capital investments in events has a tremendous affect on the organization and maximizing the value of these investments is good business. Events should be measured based on their ability to maximize and generate revenues, increase sales, increase markets, introduce new products (attractions, amenities, experiences), enhance customer experience, increase customer loyalty, increase memberships, donations, and maximize return on investment. Events can provide substantial returns on investment and increase the bottom line. SEII was contracted to strategically analyze events from the past, present and within APC and  provide professional and objective opinions and recommendations for the future. Events need to be linked to the overall strategic vision of an organization and achieve the outcomes as defined by the APC leadership team.



CASE STUDIES: Testimonials

"In 2019 SEII partnered with the Town of Addison to research and develop a 5 year Special Events Strategic Plan for our tourism departments.  Wanda’s excitement regarding the project was infectious, and hard work, responsiveness and quality output from her staff made SEII a pleasure to work with.  Despite being in different countries, Wanda was always accessible and her utilization of technology to share documents, research and other information made for a seamless interaction between her team and ours.  We are quite happy with the final product and have already begun to institute aspects in the first few months of implementation.  Wanda continues to be available to us, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with SEII again in the future."

Town of Addison

(Addison, TX, USA)

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