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10 ways to SEII

For the last 10 years Strategic Event Initiatives Inc. (SEII) has provided strategic services to organizations such as municipal/government agencies, major Festival and Event Organizations, and Major Attractions (Park, Zoo, Museum) that need Strategic Analysis (Event/Tourism Product Audit) of their tourism initiatives, festivals and events. This required the development of a Strategic Event Plan with clear recommendations to support Sustainability and Growth. Tourism Products, Festivals and events are strategic vehicles that build relationships, invest in human capital, educate, engage, attract, entertain, increase profitability, transform an organization's/city's impact, and can substantially increase economic impact and return on investment.

We've developed 10 basic processes to evaluate our clients' events and develop a world class strategy to execute. With expertise in global best practices, many years of experience in the event industry plus the arsenal of analytic skills - we've worked to ensure successes for our clients.

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